Open Classified Positions

Open Certificated Positions

Employment Process

All applicants applying for employment with Modesto City Schools are required to fill out the EdJoin Electronic Application associated with the desired position. You can search open positions by viewing them at the Classified or Certificated sections above or by visiting the EdJoin website.

Photocopies of required supporting documents (see vacancy announcement for details) should be submitted with the EdJoin Electronic Application. Applicants may also include resumes, letters of recommendation, and any additional documents they deem expedient to the application process; however, such documents are not required.

For positions that require a typing certificate, applicants can take and submit the MCS Clerical Assessment (click here to register) or provide a typing certificate obtained through another organization. Please click the following link to review the typing certificate requirements when obtained through an outside organization.

View typing certificate requirements here.

Application forms and supporting documents will not be accepted after the designated closing date & time

Application Process

  1. Locate and click the vacancy announcement link in the EdJoin website.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Click Here to Apply" button.

  3. Log in or create a new user account.

  4. Complete the application process on EdJoin.

District Employees

District employees must follow the same application procedures as outlined above. Paper applications are no longer accepted.

For classified employees interested in requesting a lateral transfer from their current position to the same position at another site/department, please refer to the CSEA/MCS Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 11, Section 11.5, Transfer, for specific details. The Lateral Transfer Request can be submitted through the following link: Lateral Transfer Request

Selection Process

All applications for a given position are carefully reviewed. The best qualified individuals will be interviewed by a selection committee composed, at a minimum, of an administrator, job-alike person, and an individual representing the minority, handicapped, or veteran community. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. The successful applicant will be offered employment with Modesto City Schools, subject to satisfying the District's pre-employment requirements.

Pre-Employment Requirements

New employees are required to be fingerprinted and take an inter-dermal TB test.

The District will cover costs associated with processing fingerprints through the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Prior to initial employment with Modesto City Schools, a TB test/clearance is required. The fee for this pre-employment requirement will be at your expense. Information related to obtaining a TB test can be found here or you may contact the Human Resources Office at (209) 574-1606. If you have a valid TB clearance (within the past 4 years), please bring the test results to your orientation.


New hires will be scheduled to attend an orientation meeting to review various items of employment including medical, dental, vision, payroll, retirement forms, child abuse prevention information, etc.

For questions related to your new hire orientation or any other Human Resources matters, you may contact one of our Human Resources staff listed below:

Staff Member


Phone Number


Mike Henderson

Associate Superintendent

(209) 492-3122


Belinda Gloria

Negotiations & Admin Support Secretary

(209) 492-3122


Jesse Campbell

Senior Director

(209) 492-4060


Sara Gil

Senior Director

(209) 492-4060


Michele Gutierrez

Senior Director

(209) 492-4060


Lori Johnson

HR Operations, Recruitment & Retention Specialist

(209) 492-4060


Maria Mariscal

Director I, Employee Benefit Programs

(209) 492-4631


Stephen Beauchesne

Director I, Legal Compliance & Investigations

(209) 492-1455


Kerrie Goularte

Assistant Director, Legal Compliance & Investigations

(209) 492-6548


Chad Stephens

Lead Analyst - Human Resources

(209) 492-4635


Anjanette Briton

Analyst II - Human Resources

(209) 492-1596


Claudia Higareda

Analyst II - Human Resources

(209) 492-3024


Erica Miranda

Analyst II -Human Resources

(209) 492-6582


Monika Vazquez

Clerk II - HR Receptionist

(209) 574-1606


Alejandra Esparza

Clerk III - Human Resources

(209) 492-3115


Rebekah Byrd

Specialist III - Human Resources

(209) 492-1658


Janet Foret

Specialist III - Human Resources

(209) 492-2975


Yolanda Maldonado

Specialist III - Human Resources

(209) 492-4402


Bernadet Youkhaneva

Specialist III - Human Resources

(209) 492-5033


Isamar Alvarez-Lopez

Substitute Management System Specialist

(209) 492-4397


Andrea Gauntt

Technician I - Human Resources

(209) 492-1838



Click on the following links below for information related to benefits for Modesto City Schools employees.

In addition, the following links provide additional information and resources related to your benefit selections.

Your Guide to Choosing a Health Plan

Health Benefit Summary

Summary of Benefits and Coverage Notice

Health Program Guide

American Fidelity Benefits Overview

Modesto City Schools also offers Cash-In-Lieu of benefit selections. Please click the corresponding link below to review your eligibility for Cash-In-Lieu.

Cash-In-Lieu Certificated and Management

Cash-In-Lieu Classified

In addition, with proper proof of other group coverage, MCS employees can opt out of medical benefits. Click the link below for more information.

Medical Opt Out

For questions related to benefits for Modesto City Schools, you may contact one of our Benefits staff listed below:

Staff Member


Phone Number


Maria Mariscal

Director I, Employee Benefit Programs

(209) 492-4631


Sarah McKee

Lead Analyst - Benefits

(209) 492-5244


Terri Klose

Specialist III - Benefits

(209) 492-4155


Yvette Gonzalez

Specialist I - Benefits & Leaves

(209) 492-7697


Luisa Calvo

Technician II - Benefits

(209) 492-1104


Valerie Gil

Clerk I - Benefits

(209) 492-4634