District Strategic Goals: 2024-2027


Goal One: Increase and maintain academic achievement and equitable access to enable all students to attain college and/or career readiness.

1.1 - Ensure every student has a guaranteed instructional program – not by chance, but by design – as outlined in the Instructional Core.

1.2 - Increase the number of students being identified as “prepared” in the college/career indicators, as outlined in the California State Dashboard.

1.3 - Increase the percentage of English learners who reclassify prior to becoming long-term English learners and decrease the percentage of long-term English learners.

1.4 - Develop (Grades 7-12) and refine (Grades TK-6) Multi-Tiered System of Support for all students.

1.5 - Ensure students have diverse enrichment opportunities at all school sites.

1.6 -Increase access to general education for students with disabilities through inclusionary practices.

Goal Two: Ensure all employees have access to high quality professional development to support the MCS Vision.

2.1 - Engage staff in professional development in all areas of the Instructional Core, including supports for all learners utilizing Board-adopted curriculum, building strategies to engage all students using language and literacy, and supporting Professional Learning Communities’ focus on increasing positive student outcomes.

2.2 - Ensure all staff are building their capacities as professionals in support of improving positive student outcomes and building their skills to support potential career advancement within the organization.

2.3 - Empower staff with training opportunities to support students in their development of the MCS Character Traits and attainment of the Seal of Biliteracy and Seal of Civic Engagement.

2.4 - Ensure staff have training and support in utilizing educational technology as a tool to support the Instructional Core.

2.5 - Ensure professional development opportunities are focused on embedding equity and access supporting the MCS Vision.

Goal Three: Ensure a safe, welcoming, and respectful learning environment for every member of the school community while ensuring effective District-wide communication for students, staff, families, and community partners.

3.1 - Implement and monitor the recommendations identified by the Equity Task Force.

3.2 - Promote and recognize outstanding students, families, staff, programs, schools, and community partners.

3.3 - Provide timely and accessible two-way communication incorporating active listening when discussing District/student progress and other important topics with all Educational Partners.

3.4 - Provide welcoming school and office environments with a focus on exceptional and engaging customer service.

3.5 - Improve operational efficiencies by ensuring a balance of technology in the classroom and maintaining and updating systems/network infrastructure.

3.6 - Ensure opportunities for students to have a voice in providing feedback for policies, practices, and procedures for District and site-level initiatives.

Goal Four: Ensure the District is fiscally and operationally sound.

4.1 - Implement a sustainable budget plan under the Local Control Funding Formula.

4.2 - Engage educational partners in a District Budget Committee process.

4.3 - Invest in school facilities, technology, and infrastructure with a focus on health, safety, and sustainability.

4.4 - Strategically plan for future needs by annually monitoring feeder districts, inter-district transfers, and MCS enrollment.

Goal Five: Recruit, hire, train, and retain high quality staff, with an emphasis on increasing diversity.

5.1 - Create a District culture of valuing all employees to facilitate hiring and maximize retention.

5.2 - Strengthen partnerships with local teaching, training, and employment programs, while building internal employment pipelines.

5.3 - Expand recruiting and hiring processes to provide support, and increase diversity in the certificated, classified, and management workforce.

5.4 - Improve communication and collaboration within and between District divisions, departments, and sites to support Modesto City Schools’ Destination District vision, mission, values, and strategic goals.

5.5 - Monitor and refine systems and structures to ensure efficient hiring timelines to meet staffing needs.

Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts