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ParentSquare is our new approved communication app for Teachers, Parents, Students, School Sites, and the District. We are transitioning from School Messenger, Remind, and ClassDojo.

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Tutorials for Parents

Tutorials for Students

Posts and Messages in ParentSquare

The following links to the Guides and Videos from ParentSquare, they may require you to sign into ParentSquare before you are able to see the content:

How to Post to the Class

Post Tip: When creating a post in the 'to' field teachers can select multiple classes at once and send to them all with one post

How to use Messages for Direct Messaging Student and/or Parent

Tutorial Videos

multiple ways to communicate in ParentSquare

ParentSquare Training for Educators

PD Catalog Offerings
Search the PD Catalog for the following live webinars for "ParentSquare Getting Started" and "ParentSquare Level Up"

We also have a self-paced ParentSquare 101 Teacher Course - Registration Link


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